Our Management Team 

Samuel Oppong Sarpong is the Executive Director responsible for the managerial and logistical organization of the company which involves the supervision of all departments and work closely with the technical director and the company board. He offers advice and guidance and approves all tenders before bidding along with overall management of the company. He reports directly to the managing director. He holds a BSc and HND degrees in Building Technology with vast years’ experience in the built environment. SOS@frontlinelimited.com 

Benjamin Danyame Eshun is the Technical Director responsible for negotiating and vetting quotations for contracts. He handles client complains on invoicing, permitting and general book keeping, monitoring and improving expectations of our clients. He supervises all the other departments under his control. He is in charge of all ICT related issues and designs of build and projects portfolio of the company. ben@frontlinelimited.com 

Mohammed Musah is the Contract Manager and coordinates all project management and critically control cost of suppliers, day-to-day tight project supervision, effective labour relations, etc. to stay within the expected budget for the project. He report directly to the technical director. The company is planning to expand it personnel to add a number of job superintendents as soon as the number of projects increases. He can be contacted on moha@frontlinelimited.com